How can your website help during a pandemic?

Most people still remember what they were doing when they heard about the Twin Towers falling. COVID-19 wasn’t like that, it crept up and before we knew it we were stuck in our homes, wondering if the business we’d put our everything into for all those years would survive. It was so strange and surreal, yet uncomfortably familiar from watching movies or reading fiction.Will our businesses survive the lock down, can we still operate, do we still have any customers? If our business is more bricks than clicks, our initial and obvious reaction is to look over our shoulder for

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Hand Sanitiser

How to Make 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser for COVID-19 Using Ingredients From Your Cupboards

With hand sanitiser shelves usually being empty in stores, we are left wondering what other options we have to get coronavirus off our hands when we’re out and about. The first thing to do is understand why soap is always better than hand sanitiser. With that out the way, making your own hand sanitiser is a great option for when you don’t have access to soap and running water – if you can get your hands on some alcohol. To destroy the virus, you need 60% to 80% alcohol in your hand sanitiser. Aim for 75% to be safe (more

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How To Reclaim / Recover Your Domain Name When it was Not Registered in Your Name

Now and then we come across business owners who are desperate to get their domain name back because their web designer registered the domain name in their own name instead of their client’s. Nobody “owns” a domain name. Your domain registrar leases you (the registrant) sole right to use your domain name. If an agent (e.g. a web designer) uses their own name as the registrant when they register your domain name for you then your agent ends up being the registrant, and they technically have sole usage rights for the domain name instead of you. Any sensible person can

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Does GDPR apply in New Zealand?

The GDPR is a European Union data privacy regulation that may affect New Zealand businesses that offer products or services via a website to individuals within the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). This article gives a high level overview of the GDPR from a business owners’ point of view and gives you links to other resources that will help you understand your obligations in the context of the services you use, such as WooCommerce or MailChimp. You Are Responsible For GDPR Compliance The GDPR is a complex legal subject on which Anyware Ltd is not qualified

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