In Total Control of your Business and Personal Email?

Recently Vodafone announced it was ending its Email service to its Clients. Are you one of the 250,000 clients whom this will affect and how can you make sure the transition is smooth and seamless, so it’s business as usual for you?

Email is an important element to a huge number of businesses. Without it, many businesses will cease to operate. If you are on one of the Vodafone services then you need to make some changes before 30 November.

What are Your Options?
For free personal accounts, Gmail and Outlook are simple and reliable services to switch to however they both come with “extras” that you may not want, like online advertising. This is the downside of a “free service” and it’s how Google and Microsoft extract revenue from clients. Both Gmail and Outlook offer “Paid Accounts” which allow you to use your own Domain Name and have no advertising.
Cost is approx. US$50.00pa which also gives you access to share documents, calendars and contacts with other people. Anyware uses the paid version of Gmail and Google Docs (now called GSuite) and we’ve been very happy with it.

Do you need your own Domain Name?
Using instead of you allows you to set up email addresses linked to your Domain Name which makes for a more professional brand look, better exposure for your brand and increases security for everyone concerned. Scammers will target a generic email address before they look at a Domain name based address. Once a Domain name is registered to you no one else can claim it.
Anyware can register your New Zealand Domain Name for $60.00+GST. Read more about our Domain Name Service and call us if we can be of assistance.

Vodafone is not cutting you totally adrift
You will receive a communication from Vodafone how to set up an auto-forwarding process after you establish your new email platform. They will send a unique link which, once authenticated, will allow you to set up the auto-forwarding service from your old address to your new one. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that no emails will be lost while you are advising your contacts of your new address.

Last of All
Make a list of all those important contacts in your life who need to keep in contact with you. Your Bank, Insurance Coy, Utility providers, Gym, Doctors, Newsletters (the important ones) and all the other contacts you wish to preserve. While your auto-forwarding will keep you engaged for a short time this service will eventually disable so better to advise your contacts directly rather than rely on a third party.

Anyware Web Marketing is here to assist you
If you don’t already use your own domain name in your email address now is a perfect time to change it. Do you need help registering your domain name? Call us and we can help.
We’re also happy to discuss those website improvements you may not have gotten around to just yet…

Happy Marketing,
The Anyware Team