Sales Tips: Overcoming Sales Objections

Sales Objections are something every Business encounters and they come in all shapes and forms.
One of the most common is the “all things are terrible at the moment” objection.

The words Overcoming the No on a dartboard with one dart hitting the center bulls-eye to win the game or debate and persuade the other party to agree to your terms

“It’s end of year tax time, money is tight”

“People aren’t buying at the moment, the time just doesn’t seem to be right”

“It’s too close to Christmas / New Year/ Easter / the dog’s birthday, (or insert any other time related event)”

The strange results of these objections are that we sometimes buy into them and even start to offer them ourselves, when it’s our turn to justify diminishing outcomes. We can also get sucked into reacting in the classic way of ending a sales meeting along the lines of: “Well, when things get better then give us a call…” which is the equivalent of waving the white flag, not closing that sale and wallowing in the same misery as your prospect or client.

So how do we overcome Sales Objections? The answer is PREPARE FOR THEM and have a mental script that will kick in immediately you hear those trigger words. If you encounter the “all things are terrible” objection then a response along the lines of:

“Well, for that reason, I’m sure it’s more important than ever for you to (take whatever action you are presenting to that client) and that’s the same reason why some of our other clients are talking with us to see how we can help them with (your product or service). It’s very fortuitous that we have met / talked today, here’s what I recommend we do…” (and proceed to offer your solution with the benefits of your services)

Watch for those signs of agreement from the Client like a gentle nodding of the head or other agreement body language that indicates you have just overcome their objection and then proceed with your sales presentation.

In our Industry of Web Marketing the time is ALWAYS right to invest in your ongoing web presence, even if it is your Dog’s Birthday. If you aren’t investing in your online marketing then you can bet your competitors are and their Google Search rankings may be improving while yours are slipping back to page 3 or 4. Before you know it the phone stops ringing and sales have stopped.

Anyware offers a monthly Content Marketing Plan that can be tailored to your budget. This Plan ignores the “all things are terrible” syndrome and just gets on with improvements to your Web Platform. You will sleep soundly at night knowing your business is moving ahead while your Competitors are suffering from the doom and gloom of “everything terrible”.

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