Sales Tips: Position Your Company as Your Industry Leader

It’s a known fact that to be successful in business you not only need to be a good listener but your ability to close a sale has to be even better. In addition you must be a great leader and the expert in your Industry so you build trust and empathy with your Clients. This in turn encourages your clients to come back to you for ongoing repeat business.May 16 sales tip image - Leader

So what is a Leader? Leaders are people who empower others to achieve great outcomes, whether individually or as part of a team. They help people see issues and opportunities, uncover needs and sell the benefits of your products or services that they may not normally see themselves. Most importantly, they instil confidence in decision making that makes them pro-active in business decisions and outcomes.

By demonstrating Leadership qualities to your leads and clients, you are showing them the value you can deliver. They will immediately recognise that you have their best interest at heart and you are not out to just close the deal but you are looking for a win/win outcome that benefits each party. This then instils the confidence they need to do business with you and most importantly come back again and again to establish a life time value for both parties.

We all know that the best new clients come from referrals. It goes without saying that your existing customers will be much more inclined to confidently refer you to their contacts if they trust you and your business. Your leadership skills enhance this trust and saves you time when closing a deal. Conversely if trust has not been established then we all know how much longer it takes to close that sale.

So what tools do you need that helps the “Trust Machine” convert new Leads and existing clients? What is normally the first point of contact new prospects have with your Business? Is it the telephone, maybe an email or possibly your website?

If it’s the telephone then how consistent is that first point of contact? Does every member of your Team answer the phone with exactly the same script? Do you in fact have a telephone answer script? Would that one small improvement make a difference?

How professional are your Email protocols? Does every Team member have a professional email signature, the same format for the whole Business? Does your Business use a preferred Font and Style for all email communications?

How effectively does your Website convey “Leadership”? Does it professionally establish you as the expert in your Industry or has it been built by “the student son of your best friend” who needed the experience for his High School project? Believe it or not there are still many websites out there with this “High School design” that may have got by 10 years ago but just does not cut it in today’s competitive market.

If you rely on your website as your first point of contact with a new Prospect then you need to immediately establish your business as the Expert in your field. If it doesn’t what chance do you think that new lead, maybe worth $100K of lifetime value, will click through to your Contact Page and call you for that first quote or more information?

Anyware Web Marketing has over 18 years’ experience building websites that establish Trust and Leadership with Leads and Clients. Anyware knows what works for Home Pages to encourage visitors to click through your Sales funnel onto your Sales Pages. Strong Call to Actions, irresistible offers that will attract new business, video clips that talk to your visitors all compliment your Leadership image and enhance the sales conversion process.

So if your Business isn’t perceived as the Leader in your Industry then what do you need to do to rectify this? Certainly upgrading your first point of contact via telephone, emails, network meetings, formal written quotes, all these can influence your image. However your Website is probably your main marketing channel. Does it cut the mustard in today’s competitive market? If it doesn’t then Anyware can help you gain that Leadership edge over your competition .

Call us now and we can help with that Leadership outcome to make your repeat sales grow and the lifetime value of the new leads into your business become outstanding.