Simplifying Spam Checks in Online Forms

I visit a lot of websites and when I fill in a form, I regularly have to put in a code so the website can verify that I am a human being and not a machine. Those codes are just so Captcha Securityhard to read sometimes, and I regularly get it wrong.

I get even more annoyed if I get the code wrong and have to re-enter all or part of the information I’ve already typed into the form. How unfriendly is that? Sometimes I get so annoyed I just give up.

Forms that are difficult to use are sometimes the last impression people have of a website.

How much better would it be for your site visitors if you had a form that doesn’t ask them to fill out security codes when they aren’t necessary? A form where security checking automatically happens in the background.

While there is no way to completely override manual spam checks, we have created a formmail service where 80% of the time, your visitors won’t have to enter those annoying codes to verify that are real people.

 How Does Our Formmail Work?

Our new form mail will only ask for further verification if it finds odd things, such as:

  • Your client puts a website address in the comment field, (a common tool of spammers)
  • The fields for phone numbers contain non-standard formats for phone numbers
  • Check for only one name in the name field eg: no surname
  • Address field should have at least 3 words (number, street, street type)
  • At least 3 words in the comments
  • Checking for non-standard characters in all fields

If none of these are encountered, your site visitor simplyclicks submit and you receive the form.  No spam checks. It couldn’t be simpler.

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