What is an 80/20 website evaluation?

Image: Pareto PrincipleIt’s called the Pareto Principle and it applies to a website just the same as it applies to ¬†your sales conversions or your client revenue sources. Stop and think for a moment, which clients produce 80% of your revenue? That’s right, probably only 20% of the total and you make sure that 20% gets most of your attention. If not, this can be an article topic for another time.

Mr Pareto says 20% of effort produces 80% of the results. So applying this to your website it’s logical to assume only 20% of the current content is effectively attracting your most valuable prospects or clients and converting into revenue opportunities. Many web pages are cluttered and full of Information Links, Call to Actions, Social Media buttons, Blog posts, Sidebar links, etc, that are never opened. All these add to the “clutter” that a visitor has to wade through on your web pages to arrive at the actual information that is meaningful to them, assuming of course, they can actually be bothered doing this before electing to go to your competitor’s more user-friendly website.

“That’s all very well for other websites” you might say, “but my website is different. I need all the information on my Home Page so the visitor can see all the services I offer” Once again I ask who is your most valuable target market client (the 20%)? Who provides the 80% of your revenue and how profitable are the remaining 80% who only produce 20% of revenue? When you look at it in this light why clutter up your Home Page with stuff that is attractive to only 20% of your revenue base?

What are the immediate results of being ruthless with your content? Consider this:

  • Your page is clean, lean and mean and is simple in its presentation. The content speaks for itself to the people who matter most to you.
  • Only contains information that your Target Market is interested in.
  • Your pages load faster, the content is high quality and is directed at your most profitable target client.

And the benefits to you are:

  • Better conversion rates off your web pages.
  • Your Content “shines” and your Call to Actions will receive greater attention.
  • More enquiries from your most valuable prospects which equate to higher conversion rates.

Your Content Marketing Plan can include an 80/20 evaluation of your content. We’ll improve your content to attract your best clients and maximise your conversions.

Talk to us about a Content Marketing Plan or an 80/20 evaluation of your home page content. We’ll focus your home page on the 20% that gets you the 80%.

Happy Marketing,
The Anyware Team