A Lean Marketing Revolution: The Timeless-Know How Principles

For decades, someone breaking into business had a tough time learning the secrets to marketing. The only solution was a study of numerous books containing hundreds of mind-numbing pages.

Say “goodbye” to those days!

Now available is a short, easy to read, condensed version of the key principles of marketing, writen as, “A Lean Marketing Revolution.”

A Lean Marketing Revolution, condense hundreds of pages of current text on marketing into a more easily understood format.

The result is a dynamic and exciting 46 page booklet which gets to the point rather quickly to drive immediate results, which is quite revolutionary.

A Lean Marketing Revolution was released on July 19, 2011. The booklet topped the bestsellers lists in Amazon’s Kindle division for eBooks in the first two weeks of release, quickly reaching the following ratings: number one (#1) as a bestseller in multilevel Marketing; number twenty-four (#24) as a bestseller in Advertising, number thirty-six (#36) in Marketing; number seven (#7) as a bestseller in Business Development; and, finally, number one (#1) as the hot new bestseller in Advertising, Marketing, and Business.

A Lean Marketing Revolution: The Timeless-Know How Principles