A Top Blog is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Google revolutionized information. If you want to learn to grow an avocado plant, a Google search will lead straight to a website with step-by-step instructions. If the instructions are amazing, you might find yourself browsing the website for another 30 minutes, signing up to their newsletter or even buying pot plants for your future avocado trees.

A consistent, high quality blog is a key tool in your inbound marketing campaign.

What are the important factors to consider?

Your Blog Must Be On Topic
Blogging has few rules yet has evolved significantly since the first blogs turned up on the Internet in the late 1990’s. Google now understands what you are writing about and will penalize you if you try to game the system at all.

You need to write about your industry and similar verticals. You may love unicorns, but if you are a real estate agent stick to blogging about houses. Your readers won’t appreciate wasting their time looking up your blog to find a post about unicorns. If you must, create a new website for your unicorns.

How Can You Maximise Readers
Getting a blog on the Internet is easy. Getting a blog post looked at on the Internet is hard. Getting your blog post to go viral? That takes an outstanding piece of content and a bit of luck.

You can help your posts get views in Google via long tail keywords. This involves placing words in your blog people are searching for. Finding keywords is best done using the Google Keyword Planner. There is no use trying to rank for ‘dogs’, there is too much competition. Look for phrases that have low competition and are searched for 200 – 5000 times a month such as ‘vegan dog food recipes’. When you create the blog, write the blog first before inserting your keyword phrase afterwards, ensuring the blog flows nicely.

The best way to get eyes on your blog outside of Google searches is using your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram etc.). You get the point, leveraging your social media audience is crucial after the publish button has been hit.

Starting a blog is easy. Blogging consistently, after the honeymoon phase is not. Writing about anything is hard – expert or not. You do not need to be ashamed. Ghostwriters vary in quality. Hire a company you trust with your blog and you will receive more traffic to your site.