Accountant Websites – 7 Ordinarily Found Redesign Mistakes

Websites are a significant way for accountants to bring in new clients. These strategies will help you be certain your accounting firm’s website is built to bring in clients.

CPA firms are an important part of any successful business and are critical each year in anticipation of tax time for helping folks to file tax returns. Nearly all responsible folks need a dependable CPA practice. How organized are you the next occasion someone Google’s your services? Let us face it, the telephone books and magazine promotions are simply accumulating dust on the shelf. Word of mouth can be great and it’s always reaffirming to receive a referral from a loyal customer. However, no business should depend on it to generate a consistent flow of new business. Instead, you will want to focus on the web. High quality accountant websites need simple navigation and frequent updates. People often come to the Internet with a question they want answered or a problem that they need solved. The most effective websites offer a solution to the web viewer’s problem. Now that you know the importance of a website, you may want to consider updating it. If it’s time for a redesign, keep these common mistakes in mind and learn from them so that your website stands out!

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Just the thought of accounting makes some people’s heads spin. Don’t make it worse for them by including lots of spreadsheets, graphs and statistics on a website. The average customer just wants to know about you and the services you offer. Instead of trying to explain accounting, focus on selling your services. People don’t want to read a detailed explanation of your accounting procedures.


Don’t get bogged down in using accounting language that may confuse your readers. Keep your language simple and leave out the jargon. Skip the “accountant speak” and opt to be relatable to your reader. Help them understand what services you offer without using complex terms.


Provide a clear, easy way to contact you. Many people use the Internet in place of a phone book, so this is a key element to have on accountant websites.


Not skilled at web design? Hire a professional web designer to redesign your website. The professional appearance a web designer can give your site will be worth every penny spent. You can look at for some useful information. It will allow you begin to familiarize yourself with the standards required of professional websites.


SEO or search engine optimization is a critical component of a website. Incorporate it into your website in a skilled way so that your website will get noticed. SEO helps search engines direct people who are searching for an accountant to your website. The blog offers a wealth of information on SEO.


User experience on a website is important since it is the virtual presence of your company. Nothing frustrates a user more than a broken link or interactive features that don’t function well. It will make you appear unprofessional and the user may leave your website. Find some pointers at to keep your website in good working order. A positive user experience can help turn a potential client into a client.


A website is just another way to sell your services as an accountant. Don’t get caught up in providing a lot of unneeded information. Focus on selling yourself as an accountant. This may seem obvious, but it can get lost in the process of redesigning a website. After all, that’s why people are visiting your page in the first place. Your website should be an online extension to your office. It is a 24-7 online presence for people to find you and learn about your services. Summarize your services, provide contact information and show people a few testimonials.

While some people are comfortable working with accountants, many may find the idea intimidating. To make matters worse, many people are in a vulnerable financial position when they search out an accountant. In these instances they are looking for understanding and guidance. Take that opportunity to show people that you understand their problems and can solve them. Remember, your website makes a first impression. The overall tone of your site should portray you the same way you are in person. As an CPA practice you need to have a professional site with a welcoming feeling. Your site should assure people that you can help with their issues. When the occasion approaches for a conference either on the telephone or in person, you will have already presented yourself by way of your website and without difficultly gain a customer.