Are you a “Product Pusher” or a “Problem Solver”?

Your customers want answers to their problems, not facts about your products or services. So the more you can solve your customer’s problems the more sales you will achieve.

“And how do I do this?” you ask.
Well it’s all about “asking better questions” about your customer’s requirements, what outcomes do they want that will make their life easier and more productive, get them higher exposure, make them more revenue, lower their costs, etc, etc, etc.

So what benefits do your products and services deliver to your clients that will solve these problems? Can you ask the questions to uncover the problems, match your products to achieve their outcomes, then pitch the benefits to your client that will “solve their problems”? Quite simple really. The sales process is not complicated if you approach it in this manner.

And don’t forget last month’s message; the client must first buy the sales person before they buy the product so get these two aspects right, in the right order, and watch your sales take off.

So in summary:
– Sell yourself,
– promote your company,
– ask better questions,
– uncover problems,
– offer solutions via product benefits,
– answer any objections,
– close the sale,
– bank the cheques.
Easy eh !!?

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