Become the Expert in Your Business Profession

Business happy faceWhat would it mean to your Business if prospects and potential new clients just picked up the phone and called you without any thought to calling anyone else?
What impact would this have on your Business revenues and profit margins?

This Sales Tip could change the way you do business so think how you could apply and profit from it.

As a result of more and more of your business prospects using the Internet to find their desired products and services it’s most important that you can be found and be considered as the trusted expert within any Internet search

For example, if someone is looking for an accountant, they will find many accountants from a Google search. They can refine the search by location, business-size, and specialist accountancy functions. You can see it’s not just a matter of being “found” but also being recognised as “the expert” in a specific area.

So how do you become the “Expert in your field”? Well you probably already are. but maybe you don’t recognise your actual skills and abilities compared to your competition

The trick is to establish a name for yourself – a name that is associated with expertise in your business; A name that is so well known in your profession that prospective clients hunt you out and never bother to compare you with your competitors.

How do you make that impression? You give your expertise away for free. No you didn’t read that wrong,  Give it away for free is what I said. Start a blog, contribute to forums, publish some articles, write a book, make some videos and post them on YouTube and other social forums.

All of these strategies will increase your credibility and your business expertise. Prospects will find you and select you against your competition because of the trust you conveyed through your online exposure.

Once your expertise is established, you have to work to leverage the early exposure. Expand your prospect audience so you keep increasing your opportunities and business revenues.

Your prospects will probably be interested in learning more from you so give away some more free stuff. Get your prospects to sign up to your data base (your mailing list). A list of your best target market is the very best result that a business can build. It will be the marketing life-blood of your business.

Treat your list members as very special, give them value and watch the repeat business grow. Clients are always interested in new and better things, and are drawn to those who have them.

Anyware has developed a video package product to assist you in becoming the expert in your industry. It can be scripted, recorded and loaded onto your web site to ensure you communicate effectively with your list members.

See how we use video marketing and then think how you could develop a similar video clip for your business. We can help you along every step of the process.

You can also see a portfolio of some of the websites we have built. Then contact us to see how we can help you with vido marketing.

Until next month take care out there