Being Sticky With It – Knockout Landing Page Composition for CPA Websites

Many tricks and pointers exist to help you up the popularity and effectiveness of your accounting practice website. How you craft your landing page is one such technique. The landing page either persuades the potential clients who are sent there to explore your website more deeply or turns them away.

Every time a person clicks on a search engine result, an internet marketing ad, or a social network link, his or her browser opens a landing page. The initial concept or search term that drew that visitor to your page must thus be a theme which is amplified on your landing page.

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How can you design an effective landing page for your accounting practice website? Well-designed accounting firm web design uses some basic principles.

Your first priority is to make your site friendly and professional.  Plus, you need to make it easy for even first-time visitors to find the information they need. Well-designed navigational paths are always essential.

Use powerful and descriptive headlines to structure the information and to tell potential customers what the page is all about. Subtitles can be a smart idea, as well. They delineate how you’ve organized the page.

Landing pages for CPA websites ought to also emphasize the services that you offer. Let people know what your accounting company can do for them. Keep in mind that looking for a particular service or solution may have brought them to your page. Give them a telephone number or a contact form. That will facilitate people getting in touch with you.

What action do you want people to take when they land on your landing page? That ought to also be clear. Stimulating website visitors to become your customers is fundamentally what the landing page is all about. This is best achieved with good accountant web design.

Have you noticed buttons on other websites?  That is the easiest way to invite a reader to take action.  It means the solution to their problems is just one click away. Such a button might say “Got a question? Click here!” (Of course, this requires having staff available to answer the query.)

To ensure an extra powerful landing page, think about producing a video. Videos are particularly good at creating a friendly feeling.  Plus some accounting problems are more readily answered that way. Quality accounting videos will highlight the expertise of your colleagues. If it’s fresh, informative and easy to comprehend, your video can only prove a potent asset.

CPA websites should prove far more successful if you have a carefully-written landing page.  The care you put in will make your firm stand out. Design it appropriately, and your landing page should advance your brand and company image for you. After all, you hope people will remember your practice every point in time they require CPA services.