Does Your e-Commerce Homepage Convert Your Prospects into Revenue Clients?

Last week I was searching to purchase some waterproof sports gear and I used some very simple Keywords to find a supplier and make a quick purchase. None of the first three sites I found told me they sold the products I was looking for and one site wasn’t even obvious it was an online store.

I finally made a purchase from a site on page 3 of my search because they engaged me from their Home Page and told me they stocked the products I was searching for. This was a sale almost by accident for them.

So why didn’t the websites I found on the first 2 pages attract my attention?

A rule of thumb is you have 30 seconds to make a good first impression and that is the prime function of a well designed Home Page. Attract the visitors’ attention and answer the immediate questions they have then direct them to the pages you want them to visit.

Here are some more suggestions on how to convert your website visitors:

Tell customers what you sell and why they should buy

The best way is with quality images, engaging text and an attractive offer that encourages the visitor to browse the site and make multi purchases. “The more you buy the more you save” is an ideal. Your homepage needs to immediately answer two questions: Is this site worth my time? and Do I want to shop here?

Tell customers they’re on an eCommerce store

Clearly showing products and categories is sometimes ignored by other priorities, like branding or marketing. Easy-to-find product images and text links not only help to immediately clarify what your store is offering but also reduce shopping frustrations and enhance perceived store quality with the visitor and maybe encourages additional purchases. Make your produce categories prominently accessible with strong and obvious navigation.

Use clear and simple Call to Action (CTA) buttons and links

Website visitors enjoy being told what to do or where to go next. This is where a strong CTA will direct them to your feature pages, your highest margin items, monthly specials or the next page you would like them to visit. Test and measure what CTA’s work best on your site, what colour or shaped buttons, what offers attract the most attention. Don’t be afraid to change and test these various options and then use the ones that work best.

Show customers you can be trusted and your site is secure.

An SSL certificate is paramount for trusted and repeat business. Customer reviews and Testimonials enhance your trustworthiness and customers will return without hesitation when their shopping experience matches others that they read. Video testimonials work well when prominently linked from your Home Page.

Support customers when they need help

No matter how much information you offer, users will always find a way to get lost or require help. Providing a link to immediate HELP from every page allows an option to those who may abandon their shopping experience on your site. So make sure contact information is always visible on all pages and your customer will have no reason to click away from the page you most want them to visit.

So how does YOUR eCommerce site shape up to some or all of the above criteria? Do YOU make it easy for your customers to buy from your site? What improvements can you make in line with the above to ensure increased business from your Site?

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A couple of Articles ago we included a short Video Clip from Michael McIntyre which received quite a few comments, so in keeping with the Christmas Season here’s Michael again with some more light humour which might bring a smile to your face.

Phil and the Team at Anyware wish everyone a joyous and happy festive season and we look forward to doing more quality business with you all in 2019.