Does Your Website Scare Your Customers Away?

I was staring hard at Windows 10 and sneering back at me was “Windows Update Failed”. It didn’t care about my 3pm deadline.
Where was hope when I needed it?

Friends had recommended a local IT guy and I was beating myself up for not calling him last week.
My phone still worked so I Googled him. Nothing. Page 2 – nothing. I clicked next while I panicked about my other options and he finally came up on page 3.
This can’t be him!?
An ugly logo, a clunky home page and hardly any clues about what he did. I found a services page. Mac repairs. Broken phone repairs. Computer rebuilds. Did he fix Windows too?
I had no confidence so back to google again and I found two other IT companies. Neither could help today.
Now what?
I called him anyway and he talked me through fixing the problem over the phone. He was every bit as good as my friends had said.

This is a common problem. Your website does not reflect the quality of your work.
The most important job your website has is to secure the Word of Mouth referrals you already have. People hear good things about you, they check your website to find out more and they decide whether to contact you.

I was a piping hot prospect but his website almost drove me to his competitors.
Take care of those high quality prospects who are already in your sales funnel before you try to attract new ones.
Here are my tips for keeping it simple and convincing people to call you.


A prospect who has driven past your business, seen your vehicle, held your business card or received a letter from you should instantly recognise your website because it looks the same as everything else with your logo on it. Consistent branding earns the automatic trust that comes with instant recognition.

What Do I Get?

Prospects don’t care what you do. They only care about what they get. Get inside their head, understand what they want and use your homepage to prove that you understand them and will solve their problem easily.

Answer Questions

A prospect with a question is a prospect who continues searching somewhere else. Create a frequently asked questions page and answer all the questions prospects and customers regularly ask you. Bigger questions can be answered on your home page.


You can’t over-rate testimonials and you can’t have too many. We have a never ending stream of clients telling us how it was the testimonials on their website that convinced their favourite new customer to pick up the phone.
Don’t forget to borrow the power of your customers brands – showcase well known logos on your home page.

Calls To Action

Think of your website as a path. Your prospect is walking through it and you can either direct them towards what you want them to buy, or let them wander into whatever rabbit holes they find.
On each page, ask yourself what information does your prospect need next? What links can you offer to lead them naturally towards the point where they buy?
In which order should you present the information so that you answer their questions in the order they arise?

Where To Start

Some of our clients like to knock a project over in one go and others like to start with one important thing and then we make regular improvements for them so that their website is constantly growing their business without them having to drive every change.

If you’d like some help to get your website performing at it’s best then Anyware would be happy to help. Contact us for a free chat about how we can help.

Happy Marketing,

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