Double Your Web Site Marketing Results by Eliminating Waste

For most businesses 20% of your marketing generates 80% of your turnover.

Have you identified the 80% of your marketing that does not work and stopped wasting money on it yet?

What about the 20%? Are all your marketing efforts focussed on the 20% that gives the best results?

If you already measure, test and tune these things in your business then skip to the end of this article. I have a new trick you’ll love.

Offline Measuring and Tuning

If not, here’s a typical scenario …

  • A new customer finds you some how
  • New customer buys from you

  • You ask them how they found you and they tell you (if they can remember)

  • You collect the information in a spreadsheet or database – or on paper if you’re old school!

Over time you review how your best customers find you most often. You focus all your marketing efforts on what works best and you stop wasting money on marketing that does not produce.

Whether you spend $2000 or $200,000 per year on marketing, your budget for the 80% that does not work is diverted to the 20% that does work and you double or triple your results.

Online Measuring and Tuning

The great news is that you can measure everything online.

That includes whether people found you through an advert on Google Adwords or Facebook, a magazine or newspaper advert (if you’ve set it up right) or a keyword search on Google.

Your web stats should already tell you how many visitors came from each source. How many from, how many searched for “washing machine repairs Wellington” in or how many visited the unique web address you used in a newspaper advert.

That’s normally about as clever as your web stats get. You know how your visitors find you, but not your customers.

The Secret Ingredient

But it’s possible to do much better. By adding some clever code to your web site, it can remember this crucial information for each visitor as they pass through your web site.

And when they use your enquiry form to enquire this info is added to the enquiry details.

So your typical enquiry will look something like this:

Name: John Smith
Phone: 123 4567
Comments: Hi, I have an old F&P washer that stopped working yesterday. Can you help? Referrer:, keyword: washing machine repairs wellington

See how powerful that is?

Over time you get a clear picture of exactly where your best customers come from.
And you can stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work and divert the money to advertising that does.

That’s how to double or triple your advertising results without increasing your total spend!

Prosperous marketing,