Four Impressive Shopping Cart Features New Store Owners Should Make Use Of

If you have never used a feature loaded shopping cart before, you might be a little overwhelmed at the many features which are available. Each year, shopping cart providers add better value to their products by accelerating the quantity of actually handy features for free .

All these features have been created to help you do one thing – sell more. With that noted, it’s important that you activate as many of these helpful features as practicable. Do not be frightened to utilize them. They were created with the user under consideration and have been designed for ease-of-use.

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Automated Email

Automated e-mail may be employed for assorted purposes. This feature not only saves a merchant’s time but , more importantly, helps conversion also.

You need to use it to automatically send out newsletters to subscribers. You can also use it to send out email to salvage aborted orders. Mind you, a well crafted e-mail can salvage up to 15% of aborted orders.

Content Slider

The content slider is an often overlooked shopping cart feature. It is one of the most straightforward promoting tools you need to use on your site. Because it is generally located near the pinnacle of the page, it simply gets the notice of visitors. Which explains why it’s a smart idea to use it to pimp your products and promotions.

When using content sliders, remember not to go mad and place too many slides per slider. 5 slides should suffice . And make sure you link each slide to its correct destination page. This makes it more convenient for shoppers to get to the product and it also benefits a site from an SEO standpoint.

Automated Cross-sell

Amazon uses this feature and so should you. Carefully thought out proposals might result in more sales so if you have got the time, put a little more effort into this feature. Naturally, if you do not have the time, it’s usually possible to switch on the automated cross-sell feature.

Facebook commerce Application

Everything occurs on Facebook. Folks used to just log on to Facebook to catch up with friends and family. Now, folk share videos, organise flash mobs and even shop there.

Shopping and selling on Facebook, or Facebook commerce used to be a hassle one or two years back but that was before shopping cart providers started making Facebook commerce applications. Now, every major shopping cart comes built in with a Facebook commerce application.

To employ this feature, create a Facebook account for your store and activate this application. You can then leverage Facebook’s famous ‘Like ‘ and ‘Share ‘ buttons to help promote your store and products.

To summarize,

  • Take some time to craft a well thought-out email to fully optimize this feature
  • Use the content slider wisely as a Call-To-Action tool to attract attention improve conversion
  • The automatic email feature saves time and has the ability to improve your bottom line