How Gift Coupons Help With Repeat Business

This month let’s look at ways to increase repeat business with your loyal customers and ways to encourage their repeat business with you.

Let’s start by thinking about gift certificates and coupons and the most effective ways to promote these within your business.

Did You Know Your Customers Love Saving Money?

dollar sign . Customers love to save money with couponsOf course you did! And what better way to increase sales and customer loyalty than by offering them attractive money saving gift coupons to use with their next purchase?

Each coupon can be customised, so you can create a discount that fits your marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter if the Coupon is for a product or a service. As long as the end result represents a cash saving to the client then you have achieved a result and you have another happy, loyal customer. A customer who will be encouraged to shop with you again. Plus, they may even tell a friend about their great experience. How good is that?

Gift certificates can easily be purchased through a storefront or website, then redeemed either at a your bricks and mortar or online store.

An eCommerce Site Makes it Easy to Offer Coupon Discounts

Buying online is becoming increasingly popular. If you have an online shopping cart it’s really easy to incorporate coupon discounts at the point-of-sale in the shopping cart. In our July Sales Tip we promoted two on-line shopping carts. We showed you how they could help your online results. Both shopping carts promote coupons and gift certificates so let’s see how they can benefit you. Let us know how you’re using them by leaving a comment.

What Can Promotions and Coupons Offer Your Business?

Nothing creates a sense of urgency like a great promotion. Whether it’s a simple promotional sale or complex bulk quantity pricing only available to wholesale customers, online shopping carts make it all possible with:

  • Trackable coupon codes
  • Time-limited promotional campaigns
  • Gift certificates and wrapping
  • Multi-tiered pricing with bulk discount rules
  • Free or discounted shipping
  • Customer groups with pricing rules
  • Rule-based promotions (buy X, get Y free)
  • Put products on sale and display discount against RRP
  • Minimum quantity purchasing
  • Flexible catalog display (buy online, call for quote, catalog only)

How Can Gift Certificates and Coupons Benefit Your Business?

ecommerce vidoeA Shopping Cart on your website can open untold opportunities for your business. Plus gift certificates and coupons encourage repeat business with your loyal customers.

See how it’s done. Visit the website of one of our newest customers Vintage Ski. Then go back and watch this short video to see why we think shopping carts make it so easy for your customers.

In our last Sales Tip we showed you our eCommerce demo Store . Take another look and see how simple it is to show-case your products or services to your customers.

Give us a call and we can discuss how we can improve your web site with this latest version of a modern and very functional eCommerce package including the best options for you to use Gift Certificates and Coupons that will make your loyal clients love you even more.

caped crusaderUntil next time, be careful out there and let’s do it to them before they do it to us……


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