Accept online orders for your Cafe, Takeaway, Farmers Market or Restaurant with no set up cost

Cafe, Takeaway and Restaurant owners are asking if we can build them a website that takes online orders so they can deliver during lock down.

Yes we can. But e-commerce is expensive. A basic online store usually cost $4000 to $6000.

Others will say they can do it cheaper or even for free, but there are always trade-offs that you will pay for later.

This investment makes sense if your need for online orders is permanent. But what if the demand for online orders will be gone in 6 months?

Eat Local

Another option is Eat Local NZ. They take a 5% fee (compare that to Uber Eats at 35%).

Customers can choose to pickup their order, get it delivered or eat in (once alert level 2 kicks in).

The best part is that, unlike a website, there is no set up fee (or payment plan or monthly fees to pay the set up fee off later). This is because Eat Local NZ have already built the platform, and that cost is being shared by a large number of customers.

The service is currently fairly basic, but that’s perfect if all you need is a way to allow your customers to place orders and then pick them up, or to get them delivered.

You can find out more about how to get set up using these simple guides. The service is new and more guides will be added as they evolve.


Providing your own delivery service is not easy. You’ve got to pay for vehicles, hire drivers, manage a roster and add a whole new layer of logistics and complexity on top of your existing business. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to run your business.

Eat Local NZ have a ride sharing partner that provides local drivers in each area. This creates new jobs for travel/tourism workers & other people effected by #covid-19. This delivery service is more cost effective than you could ever hope to do it because the cost is shared by many local businesses.


Eat Local uses Paypal for taking payments. This is not perfect and hopefully later on they will add Polipay (think no credit card fees) and a credit card option that does not involve Paypal, but for now it’s good enough to get you up and running so just go with it. See our guide for a more in depth comparison of online payment options.

Will It Work?

You may have been bombarded with free or cheap sounding offers to set up an online store, and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees with all the information overload.

The short answer is yes. Your customers want your product and it’s hard to buy everywhere. You can verify this by joining your local Facebook group – sign in to, search for your suburb by name and join the group. Ask a question of the group: “if I list my menu on, will you order it?”. If you are considering any other service then ask if they would use that too.

You may be surprised by the outpouring of support. Gotta love being a Kiwi!

Easy Ordering

It’s really easy for customers to order from your menu on Eat Local NZ. It’s also really for new customers to place their first order with you.

You can give customers a link to your Eat Local NZ menu from your website or Facebook page. One click and they are ordering from your menu.

You can also put a poster in your store window – below is an example. You can get your own version of the poster once you’ve signed up.

All a customer has to do is point the camera in their phone at your sign. Their phone will load your menu with 1 click and then they are ordering. Grab your phone and try it now using this example poster.

How To Join

You can join Eat Local NZ from the home page. Click “VENUE PORTAL” and then “JOIN NOW”.

If you found this guide helpful then feel free to add our ID “30351” under “WHO HELPED U? ENTER LEGEND #”.
Eat Local NZ will pay us a 1% commission of any orders they take for you. If you don’t want to enter our ID, that’s fine too – Eat Local NZ will keep the 1% for themselves. Either way is fine with us – we just want you and Eat Local NZ to be a success.
100% of any commissions we do earn will be spent at Eat Local NZ to feed my family.

The set up process is well documented and you can set up your business and load your menu yourself for free. If you are technologically challenged then see if you can find a tech savvy family member or friend to do it for you, otherwise you are welcome to ask us to set it up for you and we will charge a $500 fee to cover our time to set your business up.

We wish you all the best for your future with online orders!