Is Facebook Advertising Different From Advertising on Google’s PPC Platform?

Yes it is.

And at this time many advertisers are receiving it incorrect. Get it appropriate and not only will you obtain more affordable clicks yet likewise an avalanche of targeted traffic to your business and site. Just recently Google stated that the only company they are afraid in their net domination is Facebook.

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Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet

Why? Due to the fact that Facebook is now bigger than Google with over 500,000,000 registered individuals, that’s right there are even more people registered on Facebook than there are guys, women and youngsters in the USA. Picture the potential of this market area to advertisers? Prior to we even consider this it is worth evaluating the progression of Facebook and their information collection procedures. What I find intriguing about Facebook is the data that is compiled on each individual is given over freely by that individual and in great detail too. When people register on Facebook they smile to detail their primary interests, the TV software applications and motion pictures they like and guides they review, the tasks they enjoy as well as just what religious beliefs they are linked with. All this information and info implies that the advertiser is able to laser target their advertising projects.

Let me give you an example, lets say someone has listed Star Trek as their favorite programme, I would assume there are many ‘Trekies’ the world over registered on Facebook or even a Facebook group or a Fan Page that is dedicated to the Final Frontier itself! Ok? Let’s say I am a promoter of Star Trek Conferences, what I can now do is place an advert up on Facebook and advertise to all of the people who have listed Star Trek as one of their favorite programmes. (I will go into this in more detail later on) but you get the idea? What this means to Google is that there is now a rival platform where advertisers can spend their money and at this point in time get cheaper clicks.

The rate of Facebook Advertising is one twentieth the price of marketing on Google at the time of compiling this write-up. However there is a major difference in the kind of paid marketing you must execute on both platforms. Google as we know and like it has both marketing chances of Google Ad words and Ad sense. Ad words is where we can bid on some keywords and set up our very own marketing either in the leading 3 positions or on the appropriate hand side of the page when a person enters a Google search, Ad sense is where we can include our advert in to Google’s Content / Display Network. Now the key to remember here is that this advertising is search based, we are trying to identify keywords that people are searching under within the Google so that we can have our ad appear in front of them.

With Facebook we have much more detailed data on an individual and in fact on many individuals, but there is not a complex search system on Facebook. What Facebook will do is place your ad in front of people associating with the interests, tasks, TV software applications and motion pictures that they have described in their personal profiles. So the Keywords to search under within Facebook are the in-depth words within the personal profiles of people that have registered on Facebook. Facebook marketing permits the advertiser much more personalities within their advert as well as and even more importantly a image that can be shown with the advert. This is where Facebook’s marketing differs to Google. Also though Facebook marketing can be carried out with keywords which are peoples interests or tasks that they have currently informed us they want and we can use, the image we place with the ad turns Facebook in to ‘Display Advertising’ instead of Google’s ‘Search Advertising’.

So the choice of picture and the impact that picture has on the viewer is of paramount importance. So let’s go back to our Star Trek Conference example.. what picture do you think would immediately say ‘Star Trek?’ For me it would be a head and shoulders picture Mr. Spock making his Vulcan greeting sign. you know the one where he splits the fingers of his hand. This would almost instantly grab the attention of a Trekkie pair that with a headline of ‘Wanna Meet Mr.Spock? I know I could possibly be onto a champion! So consider the particular niche you join just what image depicts that particular niche and just what image might you utilize to attract attention from the rule to obtain observed within that particular niche? Begin to look at advertisements that are working on Facebook and search for pictures that attract attention for you to give you some ideas. What we must take further into consideration now is that Google has proclaimed that in the future they will really only be interested in big corporate clients who have over $100,000 a month to spend on their PPC search advertising, the knock on effect for the small internet entrepreneur is that clicks in Google will cost a lot more and there will be possibly even more hurdles to jump through to get a good quality score with your advert.

All you have to do is compare just how effortless it was to promote when Google was in its infancy, essentially anything was ALRIGHT, where as now marketing with Google is much a lot more intricate and certainly the dreaded ‘Google Slap’ rests plainly awaiting its following sufferer! So ‘yes’ marketing on Facebook is certainly various from marketing on Google. Facebook is ‘Display Advertising’ whereas Google is ‘Search based’. When we talk of Display think magazine design marketing. A image paints a thousand words, study magazines and make a note of images that attract attention to you. Check out adverts that feature images within them and decide why that image has been placed with that ad, then include this technique in to your Facebook marketing. for more details visit Keyword Adwords.