Managing a Facebook Business Page is Easier With a Personal Profile

Setting up a Facebook business page is really easy if you already have a personal profile – aka a Facebook personal page. If you don’t have a personal page  and aren’t particularly interested in one, but do want a business page, we recommend you create a personal profile first.

It will make managing your business page so much easier. You don’t have to use the personal page for anything other than logging into your business page. Nobody else ever has to see it if you don’t want them to!

Though the two pages might look connected and you do use your personal profile to access your business page, they are distinct. There are quite a few limitations to stand-alone business pages, including:

  • No way to like other pages as your page
  • No search bar at the top of the Facebook page so you can’t search for other pages and navigate to them.
  • No way to create a new Photo Album

FB loginWhen you set up  a business page from your personal profile it is really easy to switch from between pages, without having to log off. Just glance up at the top right corner to see which one you are currently logged in as. Whichever name is displayed is the one you are on. If you want to comment on someone else’s post (or your own) whichever one you see is the one you will comment as.  The easiest way to switch pages is from the left sidebar of your Homepage. Your pages will be listed here, so just click on the one you want to switch to.

Facebook Homepage Sidebar
Facebook Homepage Sidebar

Here are a some tips for understanding Facebook business pages and personal profiles. It explains how the two can be integrated if you want them to be (and remember, you don’t have to). It also has a really good list of reasons why you shouldn’t have a business-only page.

Get in touch with us  if you need help with your Facebook Business Page.