Marketing and Selling Online is Booming. There are now almost 5 billion web pages live on the Interweb. Where does YOUR website rank?

Where does your website rank?How do you ensure YOU stand out from your competition in such a way that YOUR website is the only one your clients will return to? Here are some website marketing tips and strategies worth considering and implementing.

Choose the right online software

There are many different shopping cart options to choose from. Consider who, within your company, will be in charge of updates etc. How skilled is that person on a computer? This should determine which shopping cart you choose. Start with a simple off-the-shelf option – like BigCommerce or Shopify, both will probably do everything you need quickly and easily, but a quick evaluation of your requirements by an expert is well worth while before building your business around this decision. Then you can concentrate on your marketing, getting people to the website to buy.

Responsive website platform for mobile devices

The browsing devices your clients use are many and varied and your website must adapt to all of these so their viewing experience is seamless, no matter which device they use. Is your current website and shopping cart fully responsive to tablets, smartphones and computers? What bounce rate (the number of visitors that leave your website from the home page without browsing any further) does your website experience? If it is high then you need to ask why and address this important aspect. Do you actually know your website bounce rate?

Is your brand trustworthy

When was the last time you purchased from a rundown grubby retail outlet whose staff looked unkempt and the point of sale facility didn’t work? Does your website reflect your brand and the trust you have earned? If not, then you must work hard on establishing the trust of your clients. Customer testimonials and reviews are valuable. You should always overdeliver on service. Ensure all information on your site is accurate and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Repeat business

The first order and sale is always the hardest, the second and subsequent sales should be second nature for the client to return and purchase again. Repeat purchase strategies are essential to encourage your clients to return (e.g. free delivery on orders over XXX dollar value). Strategies that are high value to the client and low cost to you are the most effective and are a win-win for repeat business.

Keep your website top of the pops on the search engines

Nothing on the Interweb stays the same for very long. Unfortunately “set and forget” is just a whimsical fantasy when it comes to optimising your website. You need to be constantly measuring your performance and tweaking the pages that are not working as well as the others. A good strategy is to improve something every month on your website that enhances your customers experience and increases their trust in your products and services.

Make buying a no-brainer

Here are some examples of testimonials from our clients. See how they build your confidence both in our services and your belief that we will deliver exactly what we promise. The decision to buy becomes so much easier.

Ask a few of your best customers for testimonials, either written or on video. It will come back to you many times over.
(When you commit to an Anyware monthly growth plan, Anyware commits to improving your website every month. We do ALL the work.)

Happy Marketing,
Mike Baker