Sales Tip: Permanent Marketing

Are your Online Marketing Strategies providing you permanent value?

80% of most Marketing doesn’t work, so how do YOU find the 20% that does?

Marketing and Advertising have two distinct purposes, building brand awareness and attracting Prospect and Client sales conversions.

Marketing is an Investment Web Traffic

Marketing is not an Expenditure item, it is a fundamental ingredient for profitability and growth. This comes back to the well known adage of “you have to spend money to make money” and let’s face it, you are not marketing smartly if you are not making money from it.

As a small business, marketing is vital to your company’s success and growth. No matter how wonderful your products or services are, without marketing they will not be found by those customers who want them.

Repeat Business has to be earned

To turn prospects into loyal repeat clients requires continuous, ongoing and smart marketing. Gone are the days where you invested in Yellow Pages and your business increased. Everyone out there is after the same customer and Yellow Pages results are decreasing each year.

Your Marketing Focus needs to be all inclusive

Whilst there are many forms of advertising, the current trend is to invest in online marketing for good reason. It is effective, because you are going where your customers are searching and it is low cost compared to traditional print advertising. The key is figuring out the smartest, most productive way to invest your online marketing budget, finding the 20% that works.

Let’s look at some different online Marketing Strategies available:-

  • Local website ads. Placing an ad on local business directory sites, as well as local sites that get a lot of traffic can be a good way to generate leads for your business and is surprisingly economical.
  • Building links with other sites in a similar industry can also increase the scope of customers who may want your product or service.
  • Email Marketing. Giving people on your list a heads-up on coming sales or promotions can increase prospective sale opportunities from those customers you already have a relationship with.
  • Google Search Marketing. This avenue holds the least appeal to small business owners due to lack of knowledge about this service. Here is a fact that may change your mind – Print Ads or Direct Mail convert at a rate of 1.7% whereas Google Search Marketing leads come in at 14.6%. Google Adwords can work very well, however this cost is increasing and traffic can also stop when your ads are turned off or your set budget is exceeded.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Optimising your website for search engines can lead to a permanent increase in your organic search rankings and do not stop like your Adwords campaign when your budget is exceeded.

Your Google Analytics is able to track what is happening on your website. You will soon see what works and what doesn’t relatively easily. This gives you the chance to adapt and match your spending as you notice trends and shifts in your customer market.

Take a look at your current Marketing Activities

How much are you currently spending on your marketing? Is it working? What do you really think your website looks like when viewed through your prospects eyes? – be honest. Is your online marketing working? Are you marketing via social media? Should you be? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking – there are a lot more!

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Spend your Marketing money wisely and watch your business flourish.

Anyware Web Marketing can help you increase your Marketing results by careful planning and making sure your Marketing is directed to your most desirable, profitable customers and prospects.