Sales Tip – Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale

These can be the 3 words that may kill the whole Sales process.

Selling is the simple process of solving other people’s problems so when you know that your selling purpose is going to achieve that result for your Client then why can “the Close” be such a difficult process for so many?

Many business owners have two very strong underlying fears of the Sales process and they are:
Fear of rejection
Not wanting to be seen as a “Pushy Sales person”

Closing the Sale

However if you know and have been told the benefits your Company’s products or services deliver to your clients then if the client is ready to buy why would you “fear” that the client may say No or perceive you to be “pushy” when you close the sale and ask for the order?

Always be on the look out for the three usual buying signals which are:
The clients questions (Do you deliver? Do you take credit card? Can I open an account?)
The clients reactions to your proposal (Body language, level of attention and interest)
The clients actions (Opens an Order book, talks about your product as their own, tells a colleague how the service will benefit them)

When we tell our prospects and clients about Anyware’s Services and Products we know the benefits they will deliver so “closing the sale” for us is very easy.

So be totally confident and have a very strong belief in the outcomes you are delivering to your clients and you will find your “fears” will disappear and your sales results will increase immediately.

Compare the benefits you receive from Anyware when selecting one of our Standard Design web site options and we will show you how easy it is to close the sale with a full range of benefit based options.