Sales Tip: Make A Good First Impression


Have you ever arrived at a network function, business meeting, met a great new prospect for your business or maybe attended a BBQ with new friends? The first question that you are asked is “What line of business are you in?”

You instantly know from the demeanour of that person there is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Serious business owners immediately slip into their “elevator presentation”. This is a 30 second PREPARED introduction of their business which includes one key benefit it delivers to a client. UNPREPARED owners are taken off guard and miss the opportunity to make that great first impression.

These first impressions are something you remember. Who was the last person in your life to make a big impression and what was the good/bad aspect you remember most? That’s right; they stick in your mind, don’t they?

Despite how easy a quick introduction may be, people often stumble over it. They forget to include something, not making eye contact with the person you are talking to, mumbling, speaking too softly or fidgeting while speaking.

So how do you make that great First Impression? Here are a few Tips to think about:

Prepare in Advance. It can be a memorised prepared script that you use every opportunity or just a list of memorised key points that you can rattle off with confidence and in a friendly manner.

Practice. This is most important. Practice your introduction out loud, preferably recorded so it can be played back. Practice in front of a mirror or even use a good friend who can critique your presentation. Continue your practice until you can confidently say your script clearly and smoothly.

How to use your Voice. Speak clearly, slowly and at a volume that suits your situation. Enunciate your words and speak with energy; remember you are familiar with your content and details, however it may be the first time that particular person has met you and is hearing what you are saying for the first time.

Make and Retain Good Eye Contact. Nothing is worse than having a conversation with someone who is not looking you in the eye. It immediately says to that person you aren’t interested in their presence and they quickly turn off.

Don’t Fidget, stand tall, straight and still. Your message mustn’t be distracted away from the content by nervous movement, from foot to foot, scratching your face/leg/whatever, distracting the listener away from your conversation.

Smile. Smiling communicates warmth and sincerity and puts your prospect at ease and lets them listen to you with interest.

All of the above projects Self-confidence. If you don’t sound confident about your subject, the basics about yourself and what you do, then how can you expect the prospect to believe and trust anything else you might say?

Here are some examples of Opening lines to your prepared Elevator Speech:

“Hi, I’m Pete and I run my own lawn mowing business. My services free up your time. I offer you opportunities to do all the things you prefer to do rather than mow grass and trim edges. Your neighbours will be so envious of your bowling green front lawn I will soon be mowing every lawn in your street”


“Hi I’m John Key, I manage and govern New Zealand Inc, a self- contained pacific nation and we supply quality agricultural food products to worldwide markets”


“Hi I’m Tinkerbelle, a Fairy and good friend of Peter Pan. I help Peter and the Lost Boys combat the evil Captain Hook and I have magic powers that really upset Captain Hook”

These intros don’t have to be complicated or too wordy; they are succinct and get an immediate message across that leaves the door open for the conversation to continue with the person you are conversing with.

Make the most of those first 20 or 30 seconds in front of a new contact because the first impressions are the most important. You want the person to remember your story, to be impressed with your confidence and knowledge. It builds the trust and empathy for the conversation to continue and who knows where that will lead….

This same first impression is also most important with the Home Page content on your website. How many visitors to your site click away within the first 30 seconds of opening it? Maybe your home page could do with freshening up or a rewrite with new visual design and images to enhance that first impression.

Contact us now for a chat and discussion how Anyware can help convert those prospects who are impressed with your “elevator presentation” or a new vibrant Home Page on your website.