Sales Tips: Question Sell, A Sales Pitch Doesn’t…

Sales Objections are something every Business encounters and they come in all shapes and forms. QUESTIONS SELL, A SALES PITCH DOESN’T… When was the last time you stopped talking to your customers and started to really “Listen” to them? Quite often the sales process within your business overtakes everything rather than converting a prospect or client into a sale.Golf Driver
Here’s an example that I experienced a couple of years ago.

I was in the market for a new Golf Driver, one that would help me straighten out an annoying “slice” (a left to right fade of the golf ball after contact with the club) that had crept into my game. I visited a well-known golf retailer and started to look at Drivers when an assistant soon appeared.

“So you want a new Driver eh?” was his first comment and he immediately pulled out the latest, shiny model, best technology, titanium head, best grip, lightest shaft, etc, etc. Never once did he ask WHY I needed a new Driver, how old was my current one, what results was it producing, did I have a brand preference, etc.

His first reaction was to try and sell me his latest model, highest priced (and probably best profit margin), one that would “take my game to the next level”.
Yeah right, tell that to Tiger Woods, not me mate……

If he had taken 5 minutes to just ask me how my game was, what was I looking to improve, WHY did I NEED a new driver, then he would have known what to recommend for me. I was looking to learn from his expertise, rather than to hear his sales pitch on the latest model of Club.

Needless to say he didn’t close that sale and I made a purchase from his competitor. This sales assistant took time to first ask a couple of questions, to establish trust and show me he had the expert knowledge I was looking for.
Result: Sale made and a happy customer who has since returned to that same outlet for repeat purchases. Life time value from that one sale will be significant because they took some time to ask a few initial questions and then they listened to their customer’s needs.

How often do we all experience a retail or trade service like this story? Whether you are selling widgets or service solutions, you need to establish the customers’ NEEDS first, before providing the solutions your products (services) will deliver. The only way to achieve this is by asking better questions and listening to the customer’s requirements.

Online Shopping is fast taking over face-to-face point of sales. How do you ensure this first point of contact via your website will establish the same trust and expert knowledge?

Your Home Page must immediately answer the questions that the visitor has when they land on your page. Good, friendly, vibrant images with strong headlines and paragraph headings are your way to establish trust and empathy with your website visitor. Then, strong Calls to Action (telling the visitor what to do next) will lead them through your Sales Funnel and onto the Order Now or Contact page. Sale closed and Repeat Business a strong probability.

Anyware offers a friendly, in depth website review on your existing website that will highlight any barriers to sale conversions. Contact Anyware now for a no obligation appointment to discuss how you can improve your sales conversions from your website by answering those questions that all new Leads and Prospects have.

What life time sales value are you missing out on because your website doesn’t make a great first impression? Is your website only a Sales Pitch rather than answering a question your prospective customer has when arriving at your Home page? Call us now

Don’t be like the business whose Driver I didn’t buy because the right questions weren’t asked. Make sure your website asks those important first questions, so essential to gaining trust to gain you a life time client.