SMARTPHONE REVOLUTION From Guest Dean Timothy Olsen

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Mobile markets are growing at a feverish pace all over the world, thanks to the continued falling cost and rising availability of smartphone technology. People everywhere are equipping themselves with the latest must-own technology, the smartphone, and it seems like you’d get more confused looks for not owning a phone than you would for not owning a television.

These are the times we live in now, where smartphone owners can do everything from chatting with family to paying their bills and shopping for auto insurance. With such utility, it’s really no surprise that people feel so lost without their pocket-sized partner.

One thing that smartphone users are doing with more frequency across the globe is shopping. The mobile market is growing faster than ever, and so businesses are developing mobile sites and personalized apps designed to help their customers accomplish as much as possible without having to really exert any effort.

It behoves business owners to have a powerful mobile presence, no matter how big or small their company is. Though the marketplace is steadily crowding, not participating at all appears to consumers as stubborn or outdated. Whether you’re a seasoned Blackberry veteran or rely on Siri to do all the hard stuff for you, this infographic, provided by “” is designed to give you some guidance when it comes to developing your own mobile presence. Viva la smartphone revolution!

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