Streamline Your Firm’s Operations- Properly Bring CPA Websites to the Next Level

In today’s difficult economy almost all CPA businesses are exploiting expertly designed CPA websites to boost their advertising plans. CPA websites offer much more value than just marketing. They also can shrink your operating overhead, and help you shrink staff costs as well.

One good way of reducing your operating overhead is changing from sending traditional newsletters through the postal service, and changing to an email service. There are many available. They will develop and send your electronic newsletters for your firm. This brings down the costs of printing, postage, and staff costs to label and fill your envelopes. It also brings qualified leads to your website.

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Another great use for your website is distributing tax forms. It is very labor intensive to mail tax forms to your clients. It is also very expensive. Not only must your firm pay for postage, but the labor cost associated with this practice is not billable, either. Instead, it is very easy to create a resource page on your website for downloadable tax forms.

Every tax season, mailing your tax organizer is expensive in terms of postage. It is also a burden on your staff. Depending upon the size of your firm’s client base, it typically costs hundreds of dollars and a substantial amount of skilled employee hours printing and collating documents, then stuffing and addressing envelopes.

Use your CPA website to host a PDF document instead. This way your clients can download it and print it from their homes. Some modern CPA websites have their tax organizers posted as an online form. This can be securely sent online directly via the website. This can save your client lots of time. It can also save them money.

Tax time is an expensive time of year. This is particularly true for postage expenses. As the April 15 deadline approaches, clients sometimes procrastinate sending their documents, which is frustrating for both you and the client. Frequently, you must resort to overnight mail so that you don’t miss deadlines. A CPA website can include a secure file transfer feature, which allows your clients to submit their confidential documents quickly and safely, without the postal service expense.

Website visitors like many things about modern CPA websites. One of them is a “Where’s My Refund?” feature. It is very trouble-free to install this feature, which enables current clients, leads, and other website visitors to check their income tax refund’s status.

The most vital purpose of a CPA website is surely advertising. However, it can also shrink your expenses, acquire new leads, and help you service your existing clients.