The Best Premium 2600mAh Portable Lip Stick Charger For Your Mobile Devices

Have you been in a situation where you are in the middle of an important long-distance travel and also you suddenly exhaust charge with your cell phone? Well, I have personally been in many such situations like this and cursed my cell phone several times only until I got a hold of this little, handy lip stick smartphone battery extender device called Voltpod Mini. Voltpod Mini is an awesome smartphone battery extender that's sufficiently small enough and can fit into any bag or pocket and it is made to recharge a battery of mobile devices.

I am a regular traveler and my cell phone would frequently lose charge all the time. This issue started annoying all the time and therefore I decided to look for a solution for it. I'm a huge fan of (for the money-back guarantee and also the fast shipping), I decided to start my search from there. And believe me, it was an incredible and great decision. Not simply did I come to learn about this phenomenal mini lip stick smartphone battery extender and also got amazing help from them in knowing utilizing it properly.

You may use the Voltpod Mini charger to charge cell phones from all of major companies: Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia and in many cases Blackberry. You can also use it to charge tablets, GPS units, PSP's, GoPro cameras, digital cameras, iPod's, etc. I have tried personally it for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have already been in a position to charge it from zero to full a couple of times. I have absolutely found this to be a very handy and useful tool to have as i am travelling.

I've been really impressed with my purchase on this occasion on Amazon, and if you're really looking to reduce the charging hassles with your mobile devices then I encourage you to purchase this gadget and I am sure that you'll be overly impressed.

Small 3.3 x 1 x 0.9" and 2.2 ounce design lets you bring it everywhere

2600mAh rechargeable capacity. Get hours more talk, game, music & video time.

Sturdy design is guaranteed to stand up to common everyday wear and tear

Samsung Grade A cell & chipset with easy to read red/green/blue LED charge indicator light

Smart charge tech preserves battery life with auto shut off so you can plug & go

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