The Fortune is in the Follow Up

money graphThis month I want to focus on a very important part of your Sales Process and I will show you that The Fortune is in the Follow-up.

How true is this quote when you call a Prospect, close the sale, bank the cheque? You know that if you hadn’t made that one phone call that Prospect may have done business with your competitor.

Follow-up can be the hardest part of selling, however you have to do it if you want to close the sale. It’s during the Follow Up that you learn how serious your Prospect is with their buying decisions.

Your best prospects will quickly show signs of interest. They will tell you why they’re interested in your products or services. Learn to hear the buying signals during your follow up calls.

If you follow some simple rules you’ll become very successful with your Sales Follow Ups:

  • First, consider timing. Make the first call as soon as possible after the initial proposal and always propose the time with your Prospect when your next contact will be.
  • Usually, the best follow-up tool is the phone. Use a script and make your calls short, to the point and always tell the prospect what your next actions will be. Email or text messaging can also be very effective communication.
  • Always Follow-Up to Close of the Sale. There’s little point in following up unless you actively press to close the sale each time you make contact.
  • Don’t be aggressive, politely encourage your prospect to close by offering an incentive. Remember the Prospect will buy only when trust is established.
  • Make sure you have satisfactorily answered all questions. A Prospect’s hesitation often comes from doubts or unanswered questions about your products or services.

So as you can see the Follow Up process can be either very simple or very complicated.
Anyware has introduced a very powerful Sales Robot to assist you with this tedious task.

We would love to demonstrate our Sales Robot to you. Just think about the value of converting new prospects using an automated sales system that operates while you focus on your other revenue earning tasks .  It can be that easy….

So call us today or watch our short Video and enjoy peace of mind knowing your follow up process is totally under control.

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