The Simple Secret To eCommerce Success

This month we look at and question some eCommerce strategies and how we can improve our sales conversions with quality product image displays. “Selling on-line” is essential for some businesses and done well it can be very profitable. But done poorly it can be a drain on your eCommerce investment. Let’s start by thinking about……

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – sandy beachHow many times have we heard this expression? When you saw that brochure of the gleaming new car with its sparkling paint job, did it influence your decision to buy? Or that travel catalogue with the setting sun dipping below the horizon as someone sips a long cold one beside a beach front hotel room. Was that the tipping point to finally book your overdue romantic island get-away?

Words alone often can’t conjure up the image you want to create in a buyer’s mind to help them make that purchase decision. This is why it’s important for your customers to be able to “view and experience” your products and services so their emotions finally convince them to “buy now”. Nothing beats picking up and feeling the product in the shop or running your hand over the smooth paint job in the show room. When you sell on-line, your customers can’t do this. You rely on displaying your product with an image and describing it with benefit-related words that you hope will influence the customers’ emotions.

There are a variety of very good image galleries that web sites use to show-case products. We’ve all experienced the good and the bad marketing efforts of businesses in their efforts to sell a product on line.

A Kodak Box Brownie image just wouldn’t cut it these days. Nothing can replace a professionally displayed image with expertly photo shopped background and boarders. But a good quality digital image can suffice just as well with the right editing. It’s all about the emotion that the image raises in the mind of the customer.

So how do you Make Sure YOUR On-line Efforts are Effective?
 Well only you can decide if your results are satisfactory and if they aren’t then what must you do to improve them? What improvements can you consider? Technology these days is constantly evolving. What was cutting edge last year has probably been surpassed today. That image gallery or shopping cart you’re using could be clunky and out of date compared to a more modern version. Consider these points:

  • Your web site pages should be fun to visit and have a strong Sales focus
  • You don’t need a degree to sell online
  • Technology can solve business challenges
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Customers are your greatest asset

Your web page has, at most, 20 seconds to make that vital impression on the visitor, to help them react to your sales “Call to Action”. If it doesn’t then you may lose your best sale of the month. You’re relying on your product images to influence that visitor to “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” or do whatever your call to action is.

At Anyware we keep in front of the demanding changes to web site improvements. Our most recent innovation for our customers is the latest eCommerce designs and shopping cart developments offered by what we think are two of the best in the market.

Anyware eCommerce demo storeWatch our short video to see what we think.

We’ve also set up an eCommerce Demo Store for you to play with and experience the benefits a visitor enjoys when they browse the products displayed.

How could these innovations change your on line sales results if your products and services were show-cased like this on your web site? The investment is very manageable and will be very quickly offset by an increased sales impact that the shopping cart will attract.

Give us a call and we can talk with you about how we can improve your web site, using one of these latest versions of a modern and very functional eCommerce package.

If eCommerce confuses you, I hope this makes it easier to understand and answers some of your FTAQ’s (that’s “Frightened TO Ask Questions” )

Until next time, be careful out there and let’s do it to them before they do it to us……

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