Top Blogging Tips For Newbies


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Duct Tape Marketing Revised & Updated: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide

Did you know that the term “blog” actually came from the portmanteau of the words “web” and “log”? It is a more like an electronic journal you can create and view in the World Wide Web. The person who keeps it is called a blogger while what he or she writes are called blog posts. If you’re totally new to all this, here are some blogging tips to help you get started.

Among numerous blog tips, the very first you should consider is this: Determine your goals. Many wannabe bloggers fail in this aspect. They  write a post or two and then the next day, the drive is gone. That’s because they never had a purpose. Ask yourself: Why do I want to blog?

You have to consider these in order to plan on how you are going to develop the site. For one, the theme and design of your blog should depend on what its content is going to be. If it’s a business blog, it should be more crisp. It should also be something that’s very easy to navigate. If it’s a personal blog though, then you have the leeway to do a little more here and there.

The next thing on the list is your readers. Whether you agree or not, blogging is for sharing. If you are not willing to let others know more of what you think and do, then the blogosphere is not a place for you.

Your audience’s taste and expectations must be met. If your market is teenage girls, the looks and content of the site must be giddy, happy, and pink. This way, you’ll make them giddy, happy, and pink with delight too.
When writing about ecommerce web sites, your blog should be clean, simple and professional looking.

Third on the list of blogging tips is your visibility. While you may start with a small number of followers (likely family and friends), it should be your aim to reach out to more as time goes by. Think of it as community building. You are the head and there are people following your lead. In order to help the community grow, you need to make your presence felt. Typically, what bloggers do are: Invade social networking sites, join forums, check out other blogs of the same nature and comment on the posts as much as possible.

This way, they increase visibility.

Finally, after knowing your goals, audience, and the way how people will find you, think of how you can make your blog so inviting and engaging. You have to come up with ways on how your site can make people come back over and over. Create quality content, reply to comments, ask questions— these are but some of the things you can do to keep people engaged. The more you make them feel valued, the longer they will stick with you.

These are the blogging tips you must consider before jumping into the blogosphere. Blogging is great. Just make sure to prepare yourself with its basics. This way, your experience will be a lot more rewarding.