Turn Your Ugly Frog into a Handsome Prince

One of my favorite books is by Brian Tracy,  “Eat That Frog”.

It’s all about that old bogey TIME MANAGEMENT,  but in reality it’s actually about the P word, not the T & M words.  And of course the P word is PROCRASTINATING and we all do it (yes you do, don’t deny it)

It’s that one task every day that you just put off and put off and you know you are going to hate doing because there is a niggling little voice in your head telling you all the consequences that could or might happen if or when you start that particular task, every thing that could go wrong, that phone call you know you must make but the recipient is going to blow their stack because you haven’t the information they want.  So at 4:55pm that afternoon you finally make the call and it goes absolutely perfectly, the client thanks you for responding and you hang up feeling really great. Frog Prince

You have stressed out all day for absolutely nothing.  Imagine how much better your day would have been if you made that call at 9:05am and not 4:55pm.  Brian Tracy tells us the first thing you must do each morning is to “eat a live frog”  and this will be the worst thing you will need to do that day.  He means your “Frog” is the most important task you are most likely to procrastinate on and if you have to “eat two frogs then eat the ugliest one first”.

What have you been guilty of lately which has caused you grief?  What improvements to your web site have you been putting off because you don’t know where to start or who to talk to?  Anyware turns frogs into handsome princes and instead of procrastinating about a new web site or changes to existing web pages we can make the ugliest tasks seem so simple that you’ll feel absolutely elated that you called us.

So tomorrow’s frog for you to eat is that decision about your web site.  Call me and let’s talk “ugly frogs”

Until next month….. RIVET   RIVET