Use Promoted Posts to Jump Start Your Facebook Engagement

Most of you are now, familiar with Facebook advertisements – those targeted ads that appear on the right side of the Facebook page. Now there’s another way to promote  your business on Facebook, without buying their advertising. They’re called promoted posts.

social media flowerYou might have seen promoted posts. These are the posts that appear in your Newsfeed with a sponsored tag on them. If you didn’t “Like” that business page, you might have wondered how you got to see it. The owner of that business paid to promote that post. They might have promoted to the people and friends of people who “Like” their page, or they might have chosen location-based targeting. Promoted posts usually appear in Newsfeeds for one day from their creation. They always appear in Newsfeeds and never as an advertisement on the right of the screen.

So why promote a post? It’s simple really. You’ll get wider reach with a promoted post and with it the potential for even better engagement. You can read more tips on how to engage on Facebook here. This in turn can lead more people to your website.  That tells Google that your business is popular, which may in turn help with your Google ranking.

The consensus in the online marketing world is that social engagement is one of the things that Google looks for now when it ranks websites in search results.

rating busiiness by starsStop and think about how much research you do offline today.  Do you still use your yellow and white page phone books, or do you search online? How do you find out about and compare businesses? My guess is it’s one of two ways – verbal or online ‘word-of-mouth.’

With so much research and information sharing happening online, now may be the time to review your marketing budget and how much you put into online marketing. Facebook promoted posts are an easy and cost-effective way to dip your toes into Facebook marketing.  Use it to keep a post in people’s Newsfeeds for longer. If you’ve chosen wisely what you want to promote, you’ll get much better engagement.

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