What is Your Best Target Market?

How has 2011 started for your Business. Are sales targets being met and is new revenue appearing in your Business?

Last month we thought about where our best Clients come from, what is your best Target Market.

Once you discover that there are new clients out there, no matter how bad you perceive the “sales climate” might be, remember to ask the right questions to uncover their needs.

We talked about “Asking Better Questions” a few months ago and this is such an important skill to master. One of my favourite question process that I always save for prospects whom I know really need my services is:

What are the main challenges you are facing in your business today? Now stop, shut up and listen. Keep asking the follow up questions as they tell you their story then after you think they have told you everything use the following question:

And what are the consequences to you personally and to your business if you allow these issues to go unchanged?
This question really opens up the opportunities to highlight how your products or services can benefit the client. Match up their concerns with the benefits that you know your products and services can deliver and solve their concerns

This questioning process should be a strength of your Sales processes in uncovering your Clients or Prospects needs. Don’t start selling your Company’s products or services until you can match them specifically to their needs and these can only be uncovered by “asking questions”

Practise process, even record your sales meetings for later review, get very accomplished with asking questions and watch your sales grow. You can become the supplier of choice for your Clients because you will be helping their business by solving their problems.

Find out how Anyware can solve your business challenges with the range of services we offer our clients which meet their needs and make life and business easier to manage.

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