What the Heck is a QR Code?

You may not think you know, but you’ve probably seen one. You see them in print publications, in shop windows, real estate boards, bus stops and an increasing number of places. They’re becoming very common in advertising.

anyware web marketing qr codeA QR code is a 2D bar code designed to be used with smartphones that have a QR-code scanner app installed. If you’ve got a smartphone with one of these apps, you can scan this code right now. It links to an Anyware website page that explains more about QR codes and how to create one. Statistics show that more and more of us have a smart phone, hence the increased popularity of the codes.

If you use a smart phone, you probably get frustrated from time to time with the tiny keypads and keyboards. They’re not always easy to type on. QR codes make it quick and easy for people to connect to your website from their phone.

What YOU Could Do With QR Codes 

If you’re going to use QR codes, you must decide what you want it to link to. And why. The why is important. To help with this, let’s look at some examples. 

  1. Real Estate Agents use QR codes on For Sale signs to link directly to the information about the property they’re advertising. Why? Let’s say you’re thinking about buying a new home. You’re walking down the street and see a property for sale. On the outside it’s picture perfect – it’s got your interest. You want to know what it’s like on the inside, because you’re only interested in houses that are well presented inside and out. Scan the QR code on the sign and within seconds you have pictures on your screen that show you inside the house. If you like the look inside you go ahead and contact the agent. If you don’t, you just carry on walking down the street. It’s a win-win for buyers and agents.
  2. Tradesmen: You can add one to the signage on your vehicles. Anyone passing your vehicle and looking for a tradesman can scan the code and instantly have all your contact details. If you’re in a trade that can be noisy or generates a lot of dust, how about investing in a small sandwich board or sign to take with you on jobs. Put a message on the board that invites neighbours to contact you if they’re concerned. Add a QR code that links to your website’s contact page and make it easy for them to contact you without disturbing you at work. Don’t forget to respond to them – everyone appreciates a courteous and responsive tradesman.  Alternatively, use a code to promote your business. Link to a photo gallery or testimonials and let prospective customers easily see and hear about your work.
  3. Does your business have an irresistible offer? Most businesses do, even if they haven’t discovered what it is yet. Once you have your irresistible offer, use a QR code to link to the offer.
  4. NFS.co.nz qr codeYou can measure the effectiveness of your QR code. It’s fairly easy to add some tracking code to the address you attach to the code. Then simply use a tool like Google Analytics to monitor visits to your websites from the tracking code. Lew at NFS Pure in Johnsonville is doing this with the QR code he’s put in his shop window. He’s even customised his code.

In this article we’ve focused on linking to your website, but it’s not just websites you can link to. Find out more here

The things you can do with QR codes are many, and they’re growing. Don’t get left behind. Talk to us about planning and creating your QR code.

And remember, let’s be careful out there.

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