What Would I Do if I Wasn’t Afraid?

FEAR is one of the biggest challenges that business owners can face. FEAR – False Expectations Appearing Real holds you back. It restricts you to being just great when you could be extraordinarily brilliant in your success.

This month I want to talk about that ‘elephant in the room’ – What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?  It’s a question asked in that great book Who Moved My Cheese?  by Spencer Johnson.

What is your Fear Elephant? What brings it into the room? How do you move it along so it’s not a hurdle for your business success?

Fear is Just a False Expectation
When you break it down and really think about it, we can’t fear the past, only the future. So fear is just false expectation.  And since the future is something in our mind, fear is just a perception – ‘a head thing’.  It lives in our minds, it’s the little voice we hear saying ‘If you do that you might look foolish’  or  ‘If you say that then she might not like you.’

This is the classic rejection fear. It can paralyse many business owners and sales people.

Closing the Sale is About ‘Asking for the Order’
How many sales people fail to ask for the order? Once again your classic FEAR creeps in and stifles the perfect presentation. You wait for the client to say ‘Please, can I have one of those?’ instead of you saying ‘How many would you like and in what colour?’

Many sales conversions just don’t happen because the sales person fears  rejection – Rejection expectation takes over your deserved success. Your little head-voice tells you ‘if I ask this client for the order he/she might not like me, or might say NO.’

Once trust is established between seller and buyer then sales conversions are automatic.  How do you build this trust with your prospects? By becoming the trusted expert!

Online video has quickly become the most effective way to engage your web site visitors and earn their trust. Did you know that the average web site visitor spends just 32 seconds on a web site?

Yet we have one web site that has 19 pages where visitors spend an average of more than 5 minutes.  That’s 5 to 19 minutes on each page – not the entire web site visit!

What Will a Homepage Video do for my Business?
Video is not for everybody. But if you’ve been looking for a way to engage your prospects, develop a serious long term relationship with them and earn their trust then video could be for you.

Here are some examples of home-page-videos that show how your video could look on your home page. We’ve put together a home page intro video package to help you get started.

Our usual price to produce a video for your home page is $900. Until the end of April we’ll produce yours for $700. Call us today and we can show you how easy it is for you to become the Trusted Expert

How amazed will you be the first time a prospect you’ve never met treats you like an old friend after watching your great web page video?

Until next month take care out there and we would love your feedback.  Keep the focus this month on: What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

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