What’s Your Sales Plan?

Chequered flagApril’s Sales Tip focused on your SELLING PURPOSE –  to assist clients to feel good about what they buy and to feel good about themselves for making that buying decision.
And we concluded that it’s all about Caring for your Clients.

So once you’re crystal clear in your Purpose it’s time to think about a Sales Game Plan that you should follow each time you make a proposal to a Prospect or Client.

Your Game Plan should be the same for every sale and should follow these steps:
1. Sell yourself as the Salesperson
2. Sell your Company as the best solutions provider
3. Sell your product (service) to match prospects needs
4. Ask for Commitment
5. Confirm the Sale

If you try and short cut these steps or get them out of order you will not make your sale. A prospect will not buy from someone they don’t trust (Step One).  The same goes for your Company; a prospect must be happy with your Company, is it reputable and is it a good match for their needs? (Step Two)

After these two steps have been ticked off, it’s time to consider your Product (service).  It’s here you ask the questions to discover what their needs are –  where the customer has a personal emotional stake. (Step Three)

After this you match your Products (service) to meet their needs and present the solutions that will make the client feel good, which ties back to the initial SELLING PURPOSE.

Steps Four and Five fall neatly into place once you complete Steps One to Three perfectly.

At Anyware we pride ourselves on our Sales Process which is totally solutions focused for our Clients.  We find the simplest and most effective solutions for our clients and we are relentless in the pursuit of the perfect customer experience.

We would love to help you promote your Products and Services on your web site.
See our new initiative this month.
We are very excited to offer this new web based sales strategy so come on board with us.

Until next month, focus and perfect your Game Plan, watch your profits improve and your happy clients return for repeat business.

Anyware’s Caped Crusader of Sales

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