Find Out How Your Customers Find YOU!

It’s December again and we can look back at the Year of 2010 and ponder on the successes within our Businesses.

We can think about the things that have worked well and the things that haven’t and we can think about what 2011 might hold for us. Maybe one of the “mysteries” of your Business is:

Where do my best Clients come from, how do they find me?”

As a Business Owner, if you haven’t been thinking about this question then you will probably not be sleeping very well at night because if you don’t know the answer then you can’t improve your out comes and increase prospect inquiries.

Everyone serious about their business must know how clients “find you”. So if you have thought about this question and you are actually wide awake at 2:00am you probably wonder what you can do to improve this outcome.

Your logic tells you that:

  • Your web site is live and waiting for lots of inquiries from interested prospects
  • Your Inquiry Form on the Contact Page is “quivering with expectation” for someone to fill it out and SUBMIT
  • You get an email from your Contact Page from a high value prospect so you know someone has landed on your Web Site and that’s where your inquiry has come from
  • Unfortunately you have no clue how that Prospect found your Contact Page so it’s really just another anonymous source inquiry
  • And why can’t I get 10 of these Inquiries per day instead of only 1 per month?

There is a simple process which can link to your Contact Page Inquiry Form and tells you exactly how and where your Inquiry came from and which key search words they used. How valuable is this information? Can it be used over and over again to achieve the same result? Of course it can because you have leaped one of the greatest Marketing hurdles in Business. You have found one of the 20% slices of your Marketing that actually works.

This information will allow you to fine tune your web site Keywords and reveal which Directories that prospects may be using. From here you can make some very well informed decisions about where to invest the most effective time and effort for future web site marketing.

Contact us and discuss how this can help you fine tune your web effectiveness.

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