5 Ways to Engage on Facebook

like and shareWe have just created a Facebook page for a client, so it seems timely to write an article on the challenge of engaging people. Let’s face it, there are only a few small business who have the sort of product or service that just naturally encourages people to comment and share. You might be able get people to LIKE your page, but that’s not the same as getting them to ENGAGE.

Engaging means liking posts, commenting and sharing, and people will only do this if the content is enticing. So if you’re not one of these lucky businesses who just naturally has content to die for, see if any of these ideas will help you.

1. Add Photos and Images

Everyone loves photos and  photos (and videos) usually generate Facebook engagement. Photos are easy to share. Here are a few easy ways to include photos:

  • Let your followers put a face to the name – post photos of your staff.
  • Share links to other people’s Facebook page – if you Like other businesses on Facebook, chances are from time to time you’ll probably find images they have that you’d like to Share. So just do it!
  • Post funny images – but do use your discretion. This is not a personal page, it’s your business page,  and the last thing you want to do is offend.
  • Add a Google map,
  • Use images from your own website
  • If you’re stuck and you really want a photo or picture, perhaps to compliment something you’re writing about, there are stock photo libraries where you can purchase photos. 123RF and iStock are just two of these.

 2. Link to your Website

If you have content on your website worth sharing, then link to it! As long isn’t flagrant self-promotion, this is perfectly acceptable. It’s not that hard to find creative ways to share your existing content. For instance:

  • Could you introduce your team by linking to an About Page that has their profile and images?
  • Can you write a status update with a snippet of information and then link to the relevant web page?
  • How about sharing a customer testimonial that’s already publicly available on your website or your Google+ page?

 3. Post links to other blogs

Apart from those who Like your page because they are are your family or ‘real’ friends, your Facebook business friends are those who see you as a potential source of expertise. Your goal is to find material that is relevant to your brand and fulfils their needs. Try these ideas for finding content:

  • Put something that describes your business into Google News to find relevant and timely articles. eg: ‘home improvement’ ‘accounting services’ ‘quality jewellery’. You can filter geographically (at the top of screen), or filter by location in your search term. Or just let the defaults give you news articles and see if anything is worthy of a Facebook post. Copy the link to your Facebook page, add your own introductory text if you want to and share the information.
  • Another way is by using an RSS feeder and subscribe to relevant blogs. Here is a link to a really quick RSS feed called Instant RSS  Search .

 social media sharing4. Share a Quote

People love to be inspired and they love to laugh. Share a quote from a thought leader or well known funny person. There are plenty of sites to find this sort of thing. Text or pictures work for this sort of update too.

 5. Ask and Answer Questions

Try finding a common question in your niche area that your customers ask, and answer it for them. You might even find that question from your Google New and RSS searches. You could sign up to Quora – it’s a question and answer site, so it should be rich in material.

Use a status update to ask a question: It’s doesn’t necessarily need to be related to your niche. It’s Friday afternoon: ‘What are you up to this weekend?’ is good! If your question is business-related, ask in a way that can be answered in just a few words. People don’t want to think too hard.  And don’t forget to respond to answers.

Facebook works on feedback. If we all posted and nobody ever responded, it would be a pretty dull place. So follow these tips, respond to contributors and watch your engagement grow.

If we can help you with your Facebook page, give us a call.